A game for 2 players or 1 hero, available on

An allegorical local co-op game for two players. Or one hero.

You are trapped in a labyrinth:

more than 100 hand-designed levels full of tension, action and mystery separate you from the exit.

The rope is the only weapon at your disposal.

Battle dozens of unpredictable enemies, learn their moves and plan yours.

No tactics means death.

Solve puzzles:

carefully observe and exploit the many mechanisms.

Discover a world packed with symbols to decipher and bizarre inhabitants.

Defeat 4 minibosses and 5 bosses on the path to triumph.

Climb the global chart but beware: every action has consequences.

The game continues beyond the screen: communication and complicity are paramount.

At least 10 hours of gameplay.

Or 100 if you are not up to the challenge.

Only a few will succeed.

You will not.

Red Rope - House of Summer
Red Rope - House of Earth
Red Rope - Northwest Hallway
Red Rope - House of Air
Red Rope - House of Spring
Red Rope - House of Fire
Red Rope - You Died
"All our own freaking creatures"
The reward for beating the game? Well, it's that you become part of it. Those are the faces of who succeeded. Beat Red Rope and become a citizen of the Labyrinth
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Red Rope - You Died