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Release Date:

November 16, 2018




Strelka Games


Nintendo Switch


Regular Price:

USD: 9.99 €
EUR: 9.99 $



Circle of Sumo is a fast-paced local multiplayer competitive game up to 4 players, with dozens of different arenas, where gigantic Sumo wrestlers fight for supremacy of the ring in an intense challenge of power, precision, reflexes and cunning. But Sumo is just a starting point: the basic mechanics of the game have been explored in order to make Circle Of Sumo a real mini-games box, a sort of kaleidoscope of playable pills with a joyful and inclusive soul, while keeping its purely competitive aspects, such as controllers precision and characters' statistics.

So, not just Sumo arenas wherever imagination can see a ring (such as a traditional dohyo, the top of a tower, traffic roundabouts, desert islands, spinning carousels, golf courses, sunny cemeteries, dark attics and many other unlikely places where the game's leitmotiv shape, the circle, is the only thing they have in common) but also a multitude of minigames for everyone's taste including original creations and

 some reimagining of sports like football and hockey.

The goal of COS is to be one of the most inclusive and cross-cutting games on the market, thanks to a formula that ensure pure fun without giving up the taste for challenge. Just that kind of game that should always be with you!

- Up to 4 local players

- 8 different characters with different attributes

- 24 ridiculous sumo arenas

- 4 extra-games for extra fun

- 2 yummy single player mini-games

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