Hell is Others

Coming in 2022
on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, and Xbox.

Co-developed with Strelka Games.



Coming (slowly) in 2022
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Released games

Red Rope: Don't Fall Behind

(2016/2020) Available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Everyeye.it: 9/10
Steam: Very Positive (75 reviews)

Circle of Sumo

Circle of Sumo: Online Rumble

(2018/2020) Available on Nintendo Switch, Steam
+ 500.000 unique players all over the world



Psicologi: Escape from Today

(2020) Available on AppStore, PlayStore, Itch.io
In collaboration with Bomba Dischi

Mahmood: Kobra

(2021) Available on AppStore, PlayStore.
In collaboration with Island Records, Universal Music



(2021) Available on AppStore, PlayStore.
In collaboration with Pinko.