Think about a life simulator in a dystopic environment: a city where the economy gravitates around the bullets and where the main resource is the blood of his inhabitants.
The main character, Adam Smithson, lives in his claustrophobic apartment listening to a grating gramophone all day. The daily needs and a mysterious pulsion induce him to hit the road. He battles every day in the ferocious public spaces. He needs to move silently, check his back, distrust of sounds and even smells. He knows about horrible creatures hidden in the shadows, thirsty for blood, ready to do everything to reach the limited resources available. Those creatures are completely similar to him: they are the other players.
In this hallucinated world bullets are spontaneously growing on the borders of the streets like fruits of a corrupted earth. They are of different kinds, each one with special abilities. They can be used against enemies, or as money to buy items in the weird shops in the city. But there could be a better use for them: planting on a vase, watering them with care and patience and hope that one day a plant will grow.
The game is a shooter arena online, merging rogue elements with genres that are apparently very distant such as life simulators and farming simulators