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Mahmood: KOBRA is the official video game of the Mahmood single "Kobra". It mixes the classic "Snake" strategy with the adrenaline of the "bullet hell". 

Play as the KOBRA and slither through obstacles to the tune of the song. Devour the spheres of energy that you will find along the journey, which is divided into 15 levels. Defeat the 5 bosses and collect all the letters that make up the word KOBRA to access the final level. Use the tail as a shield to defend against bullets and ferocious enemies, but be careful not to collide with it!

Will you be able to get to the top of Olympus?

This is the second music video game, or “gameclip”, made by Yonder and released on the Apple Store and Play Store.
"Mahmood: Kobra" was released in collaboration with  Island Record and Universal Music for the release of the single of the same name from Mahmood's Ghettolimpo album in 2021.

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